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From the beginning Windfall reinvented the crystal chandelier

We introduced 3D modeling and CG renderings to visualise our ideas and give us the best possibil­ ities to present our designs to our clients.

Our goal is to find the perfect solution for every situation.

For each single project, from a small dining table up to large scale casinos or palaces, we make visual presentations, often to fit within a certain budget. Based upon the actual situation, we use tailor made pieces from our collection or design in collaboration with the architects something completely new and unique.

Especially on commercial projects we design landmarks, to stand out from the rest, or develop exclusive corporate designs to be used around the world, as we did the last 13 years as well for sev­ eral luxury fashion and jewellery brands, as for an airline.

Inspiration comes from the world around us, the past and cultural history, nature and the intelligent use of forms and colours.

Ideas come also from clients, sometimes scribbles, moodboards or just feelings that are translated into lighting objects, chandeliers.
The design process is managed by Roel and his team who work out technically fitting solutions, shopdrawings and mockups, often in collaboration with our artisans, to find new ways and techniques for production.

All ingredients, distilled to the pure essence, spending light and joy every single day, as one of our clients wrote:


‘Each time I switch on the light, I just sit and enjoy looking at it‘