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Combining the cultural heritage, craftsmanship and finest crystal of LALIQUE with the contem- porary spirit and design language of WINDFALL, the lighting collection SERENE features iconic LALIQUE designs from the Orient Express and the traditional Dahlia motive, translated and arranged into today’s settings.

«It was a nice surprise when we were contacted by Silvio Denz, because I always love to work with people from other countries. WINDFALL cre- ated with SERENE a collection, which is techni- cally sophisticated and a design, which is elegant, humorous and flexible.»

Clarissa Dorn - WINDFALL

«Our designs always reflect a mix of tradition, excellence and craftsmanship with our vision of beauty, so the collaboration with LALIQUE was for me the perfect challenge. SERENE is classic with a twist, a new approach on modern chandeliers.»

Roel Haagmans - WINDFALL

«I was immediately seduced by WINDFALL’s modern and contemporary spirit and convinced by the idea of a collaboration. WINDFALL’s interpretation of LALIQUE‘s iconic designs in crystal prisms, translated and thought for today and tomorrow‘s settings, give a new look to the extraordinary creations of René Lalique and once again reminds us of their timelessness.»

Silvio Denz - LALIQUE