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At the first glance a classic chandelier, but at the second sight it reveals the real spirit, the lightness and total freedom of composition.
Flying candles, free floating, without any disturbing frame and light bulbs.

Heavy crystal strass elements, especially made for Windfall by Swarovski, combined with hand-made gold- or silver-plated mouth blown candles, catch the light from the downlights above and radiate the light, sparkling.

This design combines both worlds, classic and modern, and looks great in any interior.
The Balances can fill an entrance hall, fly along hallways, descend in multiple stairways or just line up above a dining table.

We have made more then thousands of compositions and designs already, with many more to come as the possibilities are unlimited.

But also a single Balance, directly suspened from a downlight, is the smallest, most minimal, yet very rich and classic chandelier, available.